Monday, May 9, 2011

What is leadership?

How many of us have worked with "leaders"/ managers  from you know what.  I used to find myself wondering far too many times if some people that I worked under ever attended any leadership training, I mean just a 30minute session would suffice compared to the torture the followers had to endure.  I really enjoyed these quotes shared by John Maxwell on his site.  Check them out.

Two of my favorite are
"Nothing can happen through you until it happens to you, and you can only communicate what you’re in the process of rediscovering". –Lloyd John Ogilvie

"Some leaders feel that by keeping people in the dark, they maintain a measure of control. But that is a leader’s folly and an organization’s failure. Secrecy spawns isolation, not success. Knowledge is power, yes, but what leaders need is collective power, and that requires collective knowledge. I found that the more people knew what the goals were, the better buy-in I got – and the better results we achieved together". –Mike Abrashoff

What are your thoughts about leadership?

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