Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I really believe in keep-sakes.  I plan on making some necklaces out of Baby S's clothes, some of the perks of having a baby girl , I guess :), it makes it that much harder to let somethings go due to cuteness overload.  I also plan on making a Baby S 1st shoes in a box frame.  I found something similar here to give you an idea
first (soft) shoe picture girl

so I was reading about a woman that makes quilts and I thought it was an amazing story.  For instance Her two most recent quilts are particularly interesting. They started out as 35+ button-down men’s shirts, given to Ludwig by a woman whose husband had passed away years before. She wanted her grandchildren to have a piece of the grandfather they had never met and commissioned Patwig to turn his shirts into the Nine Patch and Log Cabin quilts.  How sweet?  you can read more about it here

How do keep the items that you can't let go of, would you rather store them away, or recycle them into   items that you can continue to use? Let us know in the comments

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