Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poisoning kids? really?

You probably already heard about the apple juice saga created by Dr. Oz regarding arsenic (a heavy metal known to cause cancer) in apple juice.
I'm curious to know what your thoughts are, here are my thoughts
I totally see where Dr Oz is coming from, although I'm usually careful and vigilant, I don't see myself as the paranoid or easily flustered type.  However, I choose to take this research/allegations seriously especially since the juice companies refused to defend themselves initially when invited by Dr. Oz.
My biggest issue is arsenic which occurs organically and in inorganic forms is regulated in the US, now why on earth would they allow produce from anywhere where there are no such regulations.  Its ludicrous!  I often wonder what the root of all the diagnoses in children are coming from leukemia, ADHD, autism etc Could it be from the foods we are feeding our children?
Apparently American apple juice is made from apple concentrate, 60% of which is imported from China.  Anyways, apple juice is off the table in my home.  What are your thoughts and what steps have you taken.  Do you still give your children apple juice? do you still drink apple juice?

You can read more about the story here 

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